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Ultra-personalized FACE treatment

Ultra-personalized FACE treatment connects COSMETIC treatment with shaping anti-ageing MASSAGE. 


Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience and to deliver desired results. The results are a spectacular lifting effect and skin that appears more radiant, healthy, relaxed and revitalized.


Treatment includes:

Consultation, Make up removal, Deep cleansing (usually double, the best for your skin type).

Exfoliation with mechanical or chemical substances.

Facial massage. Special technique to improve your skin ability to generate collagen and elastine itself, or to get rid of fluids, or to relax.

It depends of what I see would be best for you. Facial mask. Targeted to your skin needs.

Final application of toner, serum, essences, moisturizer. Advice on home skin care.

1 hr 30 min


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